What should be put here? An apology for an entry three days overdue? An enumeration of the weekend’s significance or lack thereof? Another haiku? How about a  justification for a lousy ramble to begin an entry three days overdue containing accounts of what transpired since Friday leading to a poorly edited 3-line poem?


And the tentativeness strikes again. Like a Monday possessed by the laziness of Saturdays bringing forth the sensation of being in-between the attempt to fulfill duties and giving in to rest.

Somewhere in this virtual universe I’ve already mentioned my lack of commonly placed bias for weekends. Any day can suck as well as any day can rock, that’s the principle of everyday living I stick to. So did anything significant happen last Friday? Saturday? Sunday?

Life kept happening, that’s the truth and that’s all there is.

My body yearns exhaustion, really, it does. It does not want to just lie in bed because it does not yet feel tired the way it wants to. My hours are beginning to be filled in by performances and dance classes and opportunities to break 8-hour work habits and come home feeling a little overjoyed, slightly overused.  I’m bruised, I have slight burns, I have cuts but not wounds, I have energy, and, I hope, I am still of good use.

Is there a proper translation for the Filipino word ‘gigil‘? Dahil lalo lang akong nanggigigil na hindi ko maisip kung paano sasabihin sa Ingles nanggigigil ako. 

The week has begun but I haven’t drawn the curtains, haven’t set off the alarm.

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