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50 for 25th: Gray Area

Nothing stands between you and the city except for the glass walls. The rooftops of rust  pop out against the city’s gray, hiding between skyscrapers, dodging our eyes. They wait to be found beneath those crumbling roofs. The wall is easy to break, but are you ready to jump?


March 24, 2012.

It was a building with a view. We had the luxury of the metro’s skyline punctuated by free-flowing coffee, cookies and leftover fancy lunch. To be able to see what the world looks like from that height, we’ll have to choose between the actual bigger picture or the dominant view. The details need attention, but they need first to be seen. Are our eyes open? Are we really looking?

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March passed me by with barely any word. Literally.

It’s not a sin, really. And I’m trying very hard not to give in to self-flagellation and lecture myself in this medium because, really, I never imposed a quota for given periods of time. But I must admit it makes me feel horrible to not have published anything here. How hard is it, really?

How many more times am I gonna use the word ‘really’??? Grrr.

So, there. I’ve given in to self-flagellation, faced my regret, and allowed myself to post about not being able to post. If you’re reading this published on my page, that probably tells you a lot about how my brain is wired, yes? Yeah. Well.

Screw it. I write a lot, I just need to post more.


Marching Away (eh?)

Mantra for the present. Amen.

Today i am going to skip a dance class.


I also finally actually really finished a major task at work, will watch a long anticipated performance, and am writing here again.


Oh Absence you are so overrated. Presence deserves so much more praise. That’s why it’s Present. 🙂


Hmm. What a random ramble. What a wonderful random ramble. It rolls out so effortlessly.

Wax and Wicker


there are marks we leave that cannot be erased even by waves that come again and again

like the ink on your skin

and the softness of the soul that cannot be hidden in the chaos.

the music dies in the air and joins the rest of stillness.

it  finds refuge in ears that will listen. it remains, never leaves. 


wax and wicker, ink and skin, clouds and guitars.

rest, rock, and roll in peace, Karl Roy. 






-50 for 25th: Good Morning

 The stars have left us.

But we continue to speak of galaxies and universes we converse with, prayers we whisper inside pillowcases or wide open rooftops. Inside my pocket, a piece of paper remains neatly folded. Inside your mug, steam rises. The scent of coffee wakes up my senses.


Well. I was just musing about the first day of March and then I realized my word count was below 50 and so I decided to edit the ramble accordingly. What a useful exercise. Hahaha. Oh these thoughts of fifty words or fewer . Such motivating inspiration 🙂

So now, instead of including this entry in my 365 for 2012 Verses Project, I’m just going to start a new project but this time for prose:  Fifty or Fewer  for the 25th.

Yeah, yeah. You get what that means.

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