365 for 2013: (9) Captured, Stolen, Framed

Quickly captured, a smudge,
a trick, a splitsecond stolen
then framed, then thrown 
onto the wall, this memory —
a shade less bashful,
a brushstroke braver,
a degree warmer than midnight’s fever.

Here, a wasted glance.
Here, the corner you refuse to 
sign your name on to.


(Or whatever, later, maybe a verse longer, maybe titled better)


Captured, Stolen, Framed




3 thoughts on “365 for 2013: (9) Captured, Stolen, Framed

  1. Skye says:

    heeeeeeeeeeeeey anj. skye here. twas just today that i got a peek. sigh, anj. beautiful chaos of a heart and brain you have. a gem. yes you are. bangon lang, araw araw. unti unti. basta. i dont make sense noh? hahahahahaha. if you want some old skye riddles, http://www.bangkang-papel.blogdrive.com it has been asleep for awhile tho. akap. a drink and a real conversation soon, yes. lets.

    • Sine Qua Non says:

      You make an awful lot of sense. More than I’ve mustered for myself in these recent days. Alam mo I could really use a new conversation. As in this comment came in at the perfect time. If you have nothing better to do tonight why not? 🙂

      • Skye says:

        and so i just read this today. sheesh. O__o i should get your number, yes? will DM you thru twitter after today’s recording session.

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