365 for 2015: Smells of Sunday

There it goes:
Coffee gone cold,
Traces of burned tobacco,
The stain of extended conversations
Catching up with the dews
Fading from the the first ray
Peeking at the tips of leaves.
The last vehicle speeds away
From Saturday past. Midnight
plus one bottle equals new days
handed over, mist and steam and
Enlightenments amidst reunited laughter
And fog. Cool dawns chased away
By sunny-side ups served
After eight. The orange juice trickles
Unnoticed between the sleepy shuffle
Of foosteps moving toward
The end of the weekend’s first moments,
Awake and bright-tinged,
Settling to begin.


4 thoughts on “365 for 2015: Smells of Sunday

  1. Skye says:

    i hug. no energy to say more. just akap.

    • Sine Qua Non says:

      EH. Naiyak ako. Miss na kita. I need your yakapsule. 😦

      • Skye says:

        hnghhhh i knowww. crazy sched lang for this stretch but we will and should BREATHE major major major soonest. as in higa higa sa damo tingala sa bituin at ulap ganyan. diba. eh naiyak na din ako.

  2. Skye says:

    also, i changed numbers na din. send ko ulit sa twitter DM yung bago

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